Address:1068 Xueyuan Boulevard, University Town of Shenzhen, Xili Nanshan, Shenzhen, China

Chinese Academy of Sciences Key Laboratory of Health Informatics

     The Chinese Academy of Sciences Key Laboratory of Health Informatics was built under the guidance of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The main research fields of this lab are early warning and diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and health information analyses. The researches focus on the obtaining, transmitting, and processing cardiovascular health information as well as tackling issues about intervention mechanisms of the diseases based on information technologies to drive innovation in imaging techniques and obtain health information from multiple modalities, dimensions, and scales. The Laboratory aims to be a world-class health informatics laboratory in Asia by facilitating the formation and growth of national medical equipments and health industries based on promoting the interdisciplinary developments of information science, bioscience, and medical science. The major researches fields are listed as follows: (1) The developments of new, multi-model, and real-time biosensor theories and core technologies (including technologies for medical chip, body sensor network, wearable & implantable systems, microfluidics, nanosensor, and nerve regulation); (2) The breakthrough of key technologies for high-resolution, fast and multi-model imaging; (3) The exploring of massive health data modelling and processing to provide theoretical basis for achieving the “8P” health (personalized, pervasive, preventive, predictive, participatory, pre-emptive, precise, patient-centralized). The Laboratory has become a regional engine breeding new bio-medicine technologies and pushing forward the new industry of large medical and health equipment. As one of the few research institutes with powerful scientific research capacities in bio-medicine and health engineering areas in the region, CAS Key Laboratory of Health Informatics carries a mission to strengthen cooperation between intra-regional businesses and research institutes as well as colleges & universities; enhance R&D capabilities for high-tech products in Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta; and accelerate the development of large medical and health equipment industry in the region.



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