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Representive  Publications

[1].Fangmin  Sun,Weilin Zang,Raffaele Gravina, Giancarlo Fortino,Ye Li*. “Gait-based  Identification for Elderly Users in Wearable Healthcare Systems”,  Information Fusion2019. (IF=10.7  Q1)

         [2].Qihang Yao, Ruxin Wang, Xiaomao Fan, Jikui Liu and Ye Li*.  “Multi-class Arrhythmia detection from 12-lead varied-length ECG using  Attention-based Time-Incremental Convolutional Neural Network”,  Information Fusion2019. (IF=10.7  Q1)

[3]. Fen Miao, Zeng-Ding Liu, Ji-Kui  Liu, Bo Wen, Qing-Yun He and Ye Li*.” Multi-sensor Fusion Approach for  Cuff-less Blood Pressure Measurement”, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and  Health Informatics2019,DOI 10.1109/JBHI.2019.2901724(IF=3.85  Q1

[4].Fangmin  Sun, Chenfei Mao, Xiaomao Fan, and Ye Li*. "Accelerometer-Based  Speed-Adaptive Gait Authentication Method for Wearable IoT  Devices." IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2018,6(1)pp 820-830(IF=9.5  Q1

[5]. Xiaomao  Fan,Qihang Yao,Yunpeng Cai,Fen Miao,Ye Li*." MultiScaled Fusion of Deep  Convolutional Neural Networks for Screening Atrial Fibrillation from  Single Lead Short ECG Recordings. " IEEE Journal of Biomedical and  Health Informatics2018,22(6),pp1744-1753(IF=3.85  Q1

[6].Yingying  Wang, Hongyan Wu*, Yunpeng Cai*, ‘’A Benchmark Study of Sequence  Alignment Methods for Protein Clustering’’, BMC Bioinformatics2018, 19(Suppl 19):529(IF=2.213  Q1)

[7].Weilin  Zang; Ye Li*. “Gait Cycle Driven Transmission Power Control Scheme for  Wireless Body Area Network”, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health  Informatics2017,22(3),pp697-706(IF=3.85  Q1

[8]. Fen  Miao; Nan Fu; Yuan-Ting Zhang; Xiao-Rong Ding; Xi Hong; Qingyun He; Ye  Li*. “A Novel Continuous Blood Pressure Estimation Approach Based on  Data Mining Techniques”, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health  Informatics2017,21(6),pp1730-1740 (IF=3.85  Q1

[9]. Yunpeng Cai*;Wei Zheng;Jin Yao;Yujie Yang;Volker Mai;Qi Mao;Yijun Sun*.”ESPRIT-FOREST:parallel clustering of massive amplicon sequence data in subquadratic time”,Plos Computational Biology2017,13(4):e1005518.IF=4.587,Q1

[10]. Yin Peng;Shi Jianqing*. "Simulation-based sensitivity analysis for non-ignorably missing data".Statistical methods in medical research2017.Jan1:962280217722382. DOI:10.1177/0962280217722382.  (IF=2.284 , Q1).

[11].Weilin Zang;Shengli Zhang;Ye Li*.“An AccelerometerAssisted Transmission Power Control Solution for EnergyEfficient Communications in WBAN”, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications2016,34(12):3427-3437. (IF=9.3, Q1)

[12].  Chenguang He;Xiaomao Fan;Ye Li*“Toward  Ubiquitous Healthcare Services with A Novel Efficient Cloud Platform”,  IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering,Vol.60, No.1, Jan.2013,  pp230-234(IF=4.288, Q1)

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