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Weak ECG Signal Sampling Chip

Focused on the miniaturization and low power consumption needed for continuous ECG monitoring, our team developed a medical sensor chip featuring low energy consumption, low noise and low frequency. Moreover, the team theoretically explored the design of the sensor’s preamplifier and proposed a fully differential instrument amplifier solution based on chopper technology, which have improved the performance of the chip. Compared with the existing products reported in literatures, the amplifier has significant advantages in terms of low energy consumption, high common-mode rejection ratio, small size, adjustable gain and bandwidth, etc.. The size of the proposed medical sensor chip is 1.3mm*1.1mm, while the power consumption of it is about 0.3mW. Shenzhen Betterlife Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has been authorized to produce the ECG-sampling chip. So far, a mass production of 700,000 chips has been completed. The chip has become the first commercial single-channel ECG chip in China.


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