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ECG-Monitoring Sport Shirt

The shirt monitors the user’s ECG in real time during exercise in an unobtrusive way and provides scientific guidance and risk warning for fitness and exercise.Integrating soft fabric electrode and high-elasticity professional sport cloth by means of integrated weaving process, ECG-monitoring sport shirt can accurately collect the user’s ECG signals during running at a pace lower than 18km/h without causing any discomfort. The sport shirt carries a physiological signal analysis and processing circuit, which features low power consumption, high level of integration and micro size. The whole device measures 7cm*3.6cm*1cm in size and below 14.5g in weight, which makes it a product with good user experience. Combined with its supporting mobile APP, the sport shirt analyzes real-time ECG, running distance, calorie consumption, heart rate recovery, and other sport- and health-related indexes during exercise such as running, bike riding, car racing and football. It also helps with the early-warning of acute cardiovascular events and evaluation of sport intensity during exercise. The first-generation sport shirt attracted great attention at the 18th China High-tech Fair and Rreceived coverage by CCTV news channel.


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