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Recruitment- Post-doctor

Position: Postdoctoral

Biostatistics/Bioinformatics: big-data modeling in clinical research, electronic medical records; genomics data analysis; risk/trend prediction in epidemiology; early detection of disease; personalized medicine, etc.

Statistics: statistical modeling, sensitivity analysis of missing data problems, etc.

Machine Learning: AI medical imaging processing; multilevel/heterogeneous data analysis, etc.

Required Qualifications:

- PhD degree

- Publication in SCI journals

- Strong programming background(R, Python, Matlab, Linux etc.)

- Background & Experience:

- Biostatistics/Bioinformatics:

Research experience in biomedical data analysis, genomics, clinical data analysis, electronic medical records, epidemiology

- Statistics & Machine Learning:

Background in mathematics and statistics, strong mathematical logic, experience in data mining and programming, candidates with experience in deep learning is preferred

- Candidates with other related research interest in big data area are welcome to contact us via email.


Salary and Benefits:

Start at 27, 000 (up to 40, 000) depending on experience.

Extra young talent award (up to 100, 000) from Guangdong government.

Extra young talent award (up to 160, 000) from Shenzhen government.


Required Application Materials:

- CV (Chinese or English), along with at least 2 referrers’ names and contact information

- Representative publications

- Expected start date

- To apply or enquiries, please email to


Guangdong/ Shenzhen Postdotoral Plan:

- Starting at CNY250,000 per year (including Shenzhen government’s CNY120,000 subsidies)

- 1 million allowance from Guangdong government for qualified students at overseas universities (world’s top 200)

- 1.6 million housing allowance from Shenzhen Talent Peacock Plan for qualified students at overseas universities (world’s top 150); or if staying in Shenzhen after postdoc, you will be classified as Reserve Talent in Shenzhen High-level Talent Plan and acquire a 1.6 million allowance

- Eligible can apply for funding from China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (80,000 for first-class, 50,000 for second-class, 150,000 for special-class)



- Welfare (insurance, housing, paid holidays (10 days after a year) etc.), competitive annual bonus and reward for research project and patents

- Residence in Shenzhen (including spouses and children), CNY30,000 living allowances for 2 year

- If staying in Shenzhen after postdoc, you can acquire a Shenzhen government research start-up fund 300,000 for 3 years

- Preferential job placement in SIAT

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