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Fangmin Sun


Fangmin Sun, PhD, Associate Professor
She received her bachelor's degree in measurement and control technology and instrumentation in Xi'an Electronic and Science University in 2010 and her doctorate in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is currently an associate professor at the Institute of advanced technology in Shenzhen, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Her research interests include wireless sensor networks, multi sensor information fusion, activity recognition and gait analysis, wearable perception and computation, etc.. She has published more than 20 SCI/EI indexed papers in the related research fields.


Representive Publications:


[1].    Fangmin Sun, Weilin Zang, Raffaele Gravina, Giancarlo Fortino, Ye Li*. Gait-based identification for elderly users in wearable healthcare systems. Information Fusion, vol. 53, pp.134-144, 2020.

[2].    Fangmin SunChenfei Mao, Xiaomao Fan, Ye Li*, Accelerometer-Based Speed-Adaptive Gait Authentication Method for Wearable IoT Devices. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Vol. 6, issue 1, pp.820-830, 2019.

[3].    Fangmin Sun, Chenfu Yi, Ye Li*. Battery-Friendly Scheduling Policy in MAC Layer for WBAN Data Packets Transmission. IET Communications, 2017, Vol.11, Iss.9, pp. 1423-1430.

[4].    Fangmin Sun, Chenfu Yi, Ye Li*, A Wearable H-shirt for Exercise ECG Monitoring and Individual Lactate Threshold Computing, Computers in Industry, 2017, 92(2017), pp.1-11.

[5].    Fangmin Sun, Zhen Fang, Zhan Zhao*, Lidong Du. Implementation and Real-Time and ReliabilityEvaluation of a WHMS Improved by LHRP and SMAM. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks20152015282816: 1- 12.

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